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The Clinical Analysis on 32 Cases of Herniated Lumbar Disc Patients according to Lumbar CT scan.
Kim, Jeong-Ho; Lee, Jeong-Hwan; Kim, Young-Il
Objective: This study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the oriental medicine treatment on lumbar disc herniation. Subjects and Methods : The clinical analysis was done on 32 cases of patients with lumbar disc herniation diagnosed by lumbar CT scan. Patients who admitted In Cheongju Oriental Medicine Hospital from April 2007 to April 2008 were analyzed according to the distribution of sex, age, the period of disease, condition on admission, the symptom on admission, Admission day, the treatment efficacy at discharge day. Results : 1. The forties was the most, the acutest phase the most, the day of 8-14 days the most. 2. Multiple bulging disc in 37.5% of CT scan was the most common, followed by a single HNP was 28.1%. 3. Almost 81 % patients showed effective efficacy under VAS 3 at discharge day. 4. Single bulging and herniated disc were more short admission days than multiple bulging and herniated disc.
Disc herniation CT scan; Clinical analysis
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