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Clinical investigation compared with the effects of the bee-venom Acupuncture on knee joint with osteoarthritis
Wang, Wu-Hao; Ahn, Kyu-Beom; Lim, Jin-Kang; Jang, Hyoung-Seok
Objective : This study is designed to find out the effects of the Bee-Venom Acupuncture on knee joint with osteoarthritis. Methods :We are investigated that outpatients suffer from knee joint pain deciphered at the division of Acupuncture in Jaseng oriental medicine hospital from the 13, July 1999 to until 11, November 2000. We make an estimated of the score from both before or after its treatment about 70 cases of diagnostic patient with the osteoarthritis of knee joints by biochemical method and X-RAY analysis, we observed in the progress of symptoms. Results: These results found that sex. distinction with a disease caused much more female than male at the ratio of 1 to 5.36 in the proportion of males to females, jobs is mainly ranked with a housewife and approximately 82.9% of cases before our hospital have ever treated at the other clinics or hospitals. On the hand. the distribution interval of a case history is mainly followed by disease in below 6 month, interval of the period-treatment is mainly gone within 3 month and frequency of treatment is examined into 11 to 15 times, more than 16 times and below 10 times, respectively. We are estimated with the score of functional barrier from both before or after its treatment against osteoarthritis' patients and produced in the usefulness from the totally point of fields except the aid-device after its treatment. In summary, these results demonstrated that Bee Venom, Acupuncture enhanced more than 82.9% to the improvement of treatment and P<0.05 considered to be statistically significant. Conclusion: These results suggest that Bee-venom Acupuncture may be playa role in the significant usefulness and have need of actively application for the clinical trials against osteoarthritis' patients.
knee; ostoearthritis; Bee Venom Acupuncture; estimation of functional barrier in knee joint
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