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Clinical study on treatment of HIVD of lumbar spine using Scolopendrid herbal acupuncture
Park, So-Yeong; Lee, Gyeong-Yun; Choe, Hoe-Gang; So, Gi-Suk; Lee, Jong-Deok; Kim, Seong-Cheol; Go, Gang-Hun
Objective: This study is performed for the purpose of examining into the efficacy of the scolopendrid(Scolopendra morsitans L) which has been used among the Korean people for the H.I.V.D of lumbar spine. Methods & Results: Using the herbal acupuncture made of scolopendrid(Scolopendra morsitans L), we treated the 10 H.l. V.D patients for 1 week and operated 4 pre and post treatment test ; D.I.T.I, 6 kind of physical test, Oswestry disability index, and self-conscious pain rate. Trough Lite test, we saw 50-100% of efficacy rate in each test. Otherwise, only 5 of the 7 point in D.I.T.I and self-conscious pain rate showed statistically valuable change. Conclusion: we brought to the conclusion that the scolopendrid herbal acupuncture has possibility to be efficient to cure the H.I.V.D patients. So we suggest the possibility to use this new remedy for the H.I.V.D.
scolopendrid herbal acupuncture; H.I.V.D.; D.I.T.I.; physical test; Oswestry disability index; self-conscious pain rate
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